Mist in the Forest

An androgynous Caracal Tabaxi bounty hunter


Mist is a tall, slender Tabaxi that appears to be from Caracal stock. They have tawny fur, black tufted ears, large green eyes, and a stubby and adorable tail. They are a ranger, trained in the art of hunting, and they’ve spent several years as a bounty hunter before an unfortunate incident or two led to their capture and imprisonment in the Underdark.


Mist is far from their home, a Tabaxi village in a distant forest. As the sort who is given to wanderlust, Mist chose to take up the life of one who goes out into the world at large to bring back stories for their clan. Choosing to work as a bounty hunter has seen countless opportunities to both observe and be involved in stories of the world beyond their forest. After all, what are stories without risk?

Mist hopes to have many tales to bring back when the longing for home inevitably outweighs the wanderlust that drives them.

Mist in the Forest

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